Our giving priorities

Each year, ISC supports a number of non-profit organizations, community initiatives and cultural programs. ISC and our employees select from a number of worthy causes, directing funds based on the following three areas of focus:

Preserving cultural heritage

As the safe keeper of important historical documents, we support organizations that promote or preserve cultural heritage and instil pride in the people of the markets we serve.

Encouraging economic growth

As a leader in the business community, we are committed to supporting events and activities that foster environments where business excellence, growth and innovation can happen without barriers.

Celebrating life events

As a corporation responsible for authenticating and recording important information related to specific life events, we support organizations that provide services related to various life events and milestones.

Requests for support

Organizations requesting sponsorship or program funding are asked to submit an online application including any additional background information about your event or organization.

To apply to the ISC Community Giving Program, please click here.

To request a promotional item, please click here.

Requests must be received at least 20 working days before an event's date. Please email questions to communityinvestment@isc.ca.

Our people making a difference

Our people have a dedicated spirit of charitable giving and community involvement. We are proud to support our people and their efforts to better the communities where they live.

Giving back to the community

ISC is proud to partner with our people in supporting causes that matter to them. Each year, we match up to $1000 per employee toward their personal contributions to a community-based charity within one of our focus areas of giving.

Supporting the United Way

ISC and our employees have a longstanding tradition of supporting the United Way. Employee volunteers annually lead and organize United Way fundraising events, with the company proudly matching every dollar raised each year.

Building partnerships

Our people know that building stronger communities relies on more than financial support. ISC employees donate their time and efforts to supporting our partner organization Albert Community School through volunteerism and mentorship opportunities.

United Way

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ISC Century Family Farm Awards

The ISC Century Family Farm Awards program honours Saskatchewan families who have followed in the footsteps of their ancestors and farmed the same land continuously for 100 years or more.

To apply to the ISC Century Family Farm Award Program, or for further details on the application process and deadline, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Questions? Email us at ask@isc.ca or call 1-866-275-4721.

List of the 2022, 2021, & 2020 Century Family Farms Award recipients