Reamined Systems Inc.

Reamined is a recognized leader in property tax mitigation support for municipal property tax administrators.

The professionals at Reamined Systems Inc. are property tax experts that contribute a wealth of knowledge and have a highly regarded track-record in delivering property tax systems that work. The Online Property Tax Analysis System (OPTA) was created by Reamined on behalf of the Government of Ontario as a comprehensive, centralized budgetary planning tool and property tax accounting system for Ontario municipalities, the unincorporated territories and government ministries.

On June 1, 2022, ISC announced the acquisition of Reamined, bringing the organization under the ISC umbrella. Reamined is a natural extension of ISC’s Registry Operations segment, and expands ISC’s role as a trusted service provider to other jurisdictions. ISC is proud to welcome Reamined, its talented employees and industry experience into the fold. Read more



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